Christopher Cartwright writes spellbinding mysteries and suspense novels, often with a backdrop of ocean adventure. He has a professional background as a paramedic and, like his leading protagonist, he has a penchant for adventure. When he’s not writing, you can find him SCUBA diving below the water, sailing on it, or rock climbing high above.

Christopher lives in Sydney with his wife and two children where he is currently working on the next Sam Reilly book.

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The Ninth Bookcover

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The Ninth, by Christopher Cartwright.

In 2003 a young Sam Reilly, on his first tour of duty as a helicopter pilot in the Sandpit, was tasked for a secret mission. The outcome of which, had the potential to provide answers to questions far more dangerous than anything he would ever face in the Afghan battlefield. This short, but intricate story, provides some understanding of the event which made Sam Reilly the complex man that we know him to be. Subscribe to receive the free short story, and discover, who Sam Reilly really is, and what he’s willing to risk his life to discover. 

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