Latest release in the Sam Reilly series:

Alexander’s Treasure (Sam Reilly Book 22)

Alexander the Great was one of the most successful military leaders of all time, conquering vast realms from Syria, to Persia, and as far east as Taxila, India.

In the process, he stripped his enemies of their immense riches. By the time of his death, he had accumulated the greatest wealth on Earth.

Legend has it, fearing assassination, Alexander had his gold minted into Gold Staters, coins bearing his likeness, before having his most trusted men transport them to a secret location.

Afterwards, to preserve his secret, Alexander had these men poisoned to death.

No sign of Alexander’s treasure was ever discovered.

Now Sam and Tom are on the hunt to find it, and there is much more at stake than mere wealth. . .

Shangri-La (Sam Reilly Book 21)

An ancient order concealed in shadow.
A hidden battle that’s raged for millennia.
A secret meeting of unimaginable significance.

Shangri-La. For generations, few people have known whether that mythical paradise was real, or just a legend.

But now a clandestine assembly between some of the most powerful organizations on the planet has been called, and Sam Reilly must disentangle the truth from the myth…

…and there are dangerous people who will go to any length to keep Shangri-La’s secrets buried.

The Obsidian Chamber (Sam Reilly Book 20)

In A.D. 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and a small girl raced for her life along the cobblestone streets of Pompeii. She needed to survive. She needed to tell someone what she had done so that it could never happen again…

In present day, while Sam Reilly is on a mission to locate the long-lost shipwreck of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton, a strange code begins to circulate on the internet. It purports to have the answers to some of the world’s most complex engineering and algorithmic problems.

The US government’s brightest minds are racing to be the first to break what has the potential to be the most powerful code on Earth.

And the most dangerous.

The Labyrinth Key (Sam Reilly Book 19)

Fifteen years ago, 8-year-old Ethan Jones watched a stranger bury something in the mining ruins of the Rhyolite Desert, Nevada.

Even at his young age, he knew what he’d just seen was important.

In present day, a US Navy SEAL takes refuge in a secret chamber beneath the ancient streets of Syria and discovers an unusual stone artifact, like nothing he’d ever seen before.

When news of the discovery reaches Sam Reilly, he is forced to return to his past, where his search for the Master Builders originated – and complete a mission he’d hoped could have stayed unfinished forever.

The Tomb of El Dorado (Sam Reilly Book 18)

A city cloaked in a legend too fanciful to be true.
An ancient tribe, who has vowed to protect their gods until the end of time.
A shipwreck scattered with gold, and drawings of a mythical beast.

Sam Reilly is on the hunt to find an ancient tomb, before El Dorado is lost forever…

Ghost Ship (Sam Reilly Book 17)

In the dead of night, a decrepit, unmarked motor yacht drifts into the medieval port of Vernazza, Italy. 

The run-down vessel forms a jarring contrast to the pastel colored tower homes and terraced vineyards surrounding the natural harbor along the coast of Cinque Terre.

Less than fifty yards away, a man wakes up on board a small rowboat, covered in blood.

Lying next to him is a woman with two – execution style – bullet holes to her forehead.

In his right hand he holds a small suitcase. Tucked into his pocket is a Russian built Makarov semiautomatic handgun – with two rounds missing.

The man asks himself one question: Who am I?

The Hunt for Excalibur (Sam Reilly Book 16)

On March 11, 2011, the Japanese fishing trawler, Hoshi Maru accidentally hauled up something deadly into its live-fish hold. The crew, having discovered their mistake, raced toward the harbor in the hope that they might survive.

They never made it.

Presumed sunk by the tsunami that ravaged the coastline of Japan, its crew were declared dead.

Seven years later, the shipwreck washed up on Cannon Beach, Oregon. By the time the US Department of Fish and Wildlife arrived to investigate, people in the nearby towns had started to die in terrifying and inexplicable ways.

Sam Reilly will need to discover what really happened on board the Hoshi Maru – and why all clues point to the Legend of King Arthur…

Habitat Zero (Sam Reilly Book 15)

In the Pacific Ocean, a Silicon Valley magnate vacationing on his luxury motor yacht Carpe Diem, stumbles across a floating island of pumice.

Two weeks later, the motor yacht returns to its home port in San Diego on autopilot – but when it arrives, nobody disembarks.

Sam Reilly and his team are called in to investigate what happened on board Carpe Diem. But what at first appears to be a simple boating accident soon turns into a deadly game of international intrigue – sending America and Russia racing toward each other on an unavoidable collision course.

The Phoenix Sanction (Sam Reilly Book 14)

On board Phoenix Airlines Flight 318, Andrew Goddard awakens to discover the cockpit empty and all the passengers unconscious.

On board Phoenix Airlines Flight 318, Andrew Goddard awakens to discover the cockpit empty and all the passengers unconscious.

In the Colorado Monarch Mountains, an old gold miner discovers a fiendish stone mask sealed inside an obsidian chamber.

Sam Reilly has just three weeks to find out how the two unlikely events are connected, and the secret behind it might change everything we thought we knew about humanity.

The Holy Grail (Sam Reilly Book 13)

Fresh from his success with the search and rescue of the USS Omega Deep, Sam Reilly was looking forward to some much-needed rest.

Not everyone had the same idea though.

When a panicked man with purple eyes grabs him at gunpoint and takes him hostage, Sam knows that this is more than a mere ransom opportunity; this man is scared of something…

And Sam is going to have to find what it is if he wants to get out of this alive.

Omega Deep (Sam Reilly Book 12)

Name: USS Omega Deep
Cost: 30 billion dollars
Class: Experimental
Noise Emissions: Undetectable by current sound monitoring capabilities
Current Status: Unknown. Last contact 96 days ago. Presumed sunk. 192 souls lost.

The US Navy’s most advanced nuclear attack submarine, the USS Omega Deep was the first to disappear.

It was followed swiftly by the loss of the Russian spy vessel Vostok, and then the Feng Jian, a Chinese Aircraft Carrier.

Sam Reilly and his unique team of troubleshooters are requested at the express order of the President of the United States of America to locate the Omega Deep and determine the cause of these unexplained tragedies, before they lead to World War III.

The Heisenberg Legacy (Sam Reilly Book 11)

On January the 22nd, 1945, a secret weapon of unimaginable power was brought from the quiet town of Haigerloch in Germany’s southwest, and loaded onto a plane waiting at Stuttgart.

Less than a dozen people knew of the weapon’s existence, and even less knew where it was being taken.

The aircraft, its crew, and its remarkable cargo were never seen again.

Until now.

When the wreckage of the aircraft is located in present day Washington D.C. with no sign of its deadly cargo on board, Sam Reilly is called in to investigate.

But the situation soon erupts into something much more dangerous than a simple recovery mission…

The Ironclad Covenant (Sam Reilly Book 10)

On May 18th, 1863 – the day the siege of the Confederate stronghold at Vicksburg began – a secret war chest was removed by an ironclad and taken away along the Mississippi River.

It contained a Covenant capable of altering the entire course of the Civil War. Its destination was Washington, D.C.

A place it never reached.

In the present day, Minnesotan senator Arthur Perry has enlisted the help of Sam Reilly to track down his son, who went missing while following a strange lead in the centuries old search for the fabled Meskwaki Gold Spring within Lake Superior.

No one could have suspected that these two events, separated by more than 150 years, were inextricably linked. . .

Code to Extinction (Sam Reilly Book 9)

Extreme weather conditions are wreaking havoc on the world, and baffled scientists are unable to discover the cause.

The most powerful hurricane in history approaches New York, while at the same time atmospheric rivers flood Las Vegas.

Wildfires spread through Canada, and Europe is wracked by powerful earthquakes.

Most bizarre of all: a tempestuous mass of dark, foreboding sky seems to be spreading across the globe.

In Arizona, an astronomer tries to decipher the hidden message inside a thirteen-thousand-year-old megalithic stone, which just might hold the key to everything.

Can Sam Reilly and his unique team break the Code to Extinction?

The Aleutian Portal (Sam Reilly Book 8)

A Russian cargo ship sinks in the shallow waters of the Bering Strait, and somehow vanishes without a trace.

In the Colorado Plateau Desert, a cowboy follows a river of sand into an undiscovered ruin.

A tunnel-boring operation between the Alaskan and Siberian peninsulas is stalled when its largest burrowing machine disappears into an abyss.

Sam Reilly leads a search and rescue mission for the missing ship and crew. What should be a simple operation quickly turns into something much more dangerous. He soon learns that all three strange events are irrevocably interwoven, and unlocking their connection may just hold the key to the survival of the human race.

The Third Temple (Sam Reilly Book 7)

A mystery wrapped in a myth about the origins of humanity.
A race to find an ancient pyramid hidden in plain sight.
A secret so dangerous its guardians will kill to protect it.
And an ancient covenant that might save the world, or destroy it completely.

In 1655 a group of explorers from the Emerald Star entered the Namibian Desert in search of an ancient relic rumored to be hidden in a secret temple. None of the crew ever returned – but stories of their mysterious demise continued to be told.

In the present-day Turkish subterranean city of Derinkuyu, a strange wooden placard is discovered floating in an old well. It’s covered in the script of a language long forgotten, but Sam Reilly has seen the text before. The words suggest an ancient race might still exist, and are in the process of building a new temple.

The question is – is it the same temple where Dr. Billie Swan is being held prisoner?

The Nostradamus Equation (Sam Reilly Book 6)

In 1562, Michel de Nostradamus led a small party on an expedition deep into the hostile Desert of Barbary, now known as the Sahara. Without any knowledge of what they might find, the small party had entered the vast desert in search of a miracle. In the present day, Dr. Zara Delacroix enlists the help of Sam Reilly to hunt for answers about a book she believes was buried in the Sahara centuries earlier to protect humanity from some great catastrophe. This ancient manuscript was named The Book of Nostradamus. . .

The Cassidy Project (Sam Reilly Book 5)

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 1962, at the height of the cold war, the U.S. military experimented with electromagnetic pulses created by detonating high atmosphere nuclear bombs. The project was code named Starfish Prime. The primary objective was to develop the ability to produce an EMP with enough force to knock out an entire nation’s communications, rendering a retaliatory attack impossible.

The secondary objective, along with its consequences, was deemed too important to national security to ever be released.

In 1983 an American B52 Nuclear Bomber goes missing somewhere near the Bering Strait while delivering a secret cargo at the express order of President Ronald Reagan to an unmapped island. Present day, in the Weddell Sea off the coast of Antarctica, a woman wakes up on a cruise ship to discover she’s the only person left aboard, despite no apparent fault with the ship.

Sam Reilly, already on a rescue mission to Antarctica to save five French scientists, may be the only person standing in the way of the completion of The Cassidy Project.

Rogue Wave (Sam Reilly Book 4)

The offer – $20 billion split between four leading scientists on alternative energies to purchase and then squash their research lines, which include the recent discovery of a powerful new energy source capable of replacing mankind’s reliance on fossil fuels.

There’s no doubt their discovery is worth ten times that much. But will any one of them live if they refuse?

At the same time, the greatest technological advancement in warfare since the creation of the Atomic bomb has been discovered, and is being offered to the highest bidder.

There is just one problem though; the seller might no longer have any control of the weapon.

Can Sam Reilly weave his way through the web of industrial and political espionage before the human race loses its greatest fight for survival?

Atlantis Stolen (Sam Reilly Book 3)

The meteor struck the Atlantic Ocean around 11000 years ago. The subsequent tsunamis flooded more than 95 percent of the world’s landmass, taking with it the lives of nearly all living creatures on earth. Those wretched enough to survive the initial impact, most likely went on only to die from starvation or the subsequent catastrophic storms which followed. Of the few human survivors, almost all lived in high altitude caves in mountain ranges, allowing them to escape the initial destruction and subsequent havoc that decimated the rest of the population.

These were the nomadic tribes who had survived as hunter gatherers for thousands of years, unlike the advanced civilizations built along the plains. Of the few who had come from the lowground, some tried to recreate their old way of life, but had insufficient numbers or tools to do so. Others tried to dedicate shrines to the old ones, while more still simply intended to document them. In the end, all returned to the ways of the hunter gatherer, or perished. Generations attempted to retell the facts of the advanced, lost civilization. These turned into stories, until at last all was forgotten, but the most persistent of myths.

The Legend of Atlantis.

A billionaire’s obsession to unlock its secrets.

Edward Worthington’s accumulated wealth of three generations made him one of the richest men on earth. At the age of 80 he finds little which stimulates his interests. That was, until he heard that someone had discovered a way to reach Atlantis.

A brotherhood set on hiding the truth.

The Phoenix Resistance, an ancient brotherhood, have sworn to guard its most dangerous secret until the end of days. Passed from father to son, throughout the ages until its location was lost, and those who remained no longer truly believed the story of a day when Atlantis must serve its true purpose.

And time is running out.

Only a handful of people around the world are aware the same stellar event which happened 11000 years ago, was drawing near once more, and with it, the dangerous truth of Atlantis was about to irreversible change the lives of every living person on earth.

The question is, can Sam Reilly discover the truth in time to change it?

The Mahogany Ship, by Christopher Cartwright.

The Mahogany Ship (Sam Reilly Book 2)

An ancient shipwreck.

A thousand year old mystery.

A plague that’s destroying all sea life.

And a puzzle that must be solved before it’s too late.

On the 18th of February, 1812, the Emily Rose became shipwrecked on the southern coast of what now lies the sleepy town of Warrnambool, Australia. Those who survive the wreck, are forced to travel nearly a thousand miles, through the unexplored land, to reach the only settlement on the island, Sydney Cove.

Nearly two hundred miles inland, the survivors came across the dilapidated remains of a monstrous ship, far bigger than anything the British navy had ever constructed. Through the meagre communication achieved with the ancient people, who lived in the land, the survivors learned that the ship had been there for a very long time… Maybe a thousand years? Despite the details of the mysterious ship, in the survivor’s journals, no evidence that the Mahogany Ship ever existed was found – UNTIL NOW.

In 2016, a mining exploration, searching for vast gold deposits, in an inland Australian town, take a core sample 500 feet below the surface of a deserted mountain. The sample returned no evidence of gold deposits, but something much more valuable – a single Spanish Gold coin, dated, 1518. Could the origins of this coin finally reveal the existences of the fabled, Mahogany Ship?

On the other side of the planet, Sam Reilly and his team of ocean adventurers are exploring the cause of a widespread death of sea life within the Gulf of Mexico, in a race against time to stop the irrevocable destruction of the world’s marine life. As fate would have it, the two mysteries may just be entwined, and failure to solve them, will result in the greatest risk to ever face the human race.

The Last Airship, by Christopher Cartwright.

The Last Airship (Sam Reilly Book 1)

In 1939 a secret airship departed Nazi Germany in the dark of night filled with some of the most influential people of its time.

Its cargo: a complement of rich Jewish families carrying their most valuable possessions. One such item amongst them was as dangerous as it was priceless.

The airship never reached its destination.

In 2015 Sam Reilly, a marine biologist and rich son of shipping mogul James Reilly discovers a missing clue about the lost airship and what follows is a violent treasure hunt, kept secret by the most powerful men in the world today, driven by their greed and need for that which all are motivated: the opportunity for unlimited power.

The Ninth Bookcover

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The Ninth, by Christopher Cartwright.

In 2003 a young Sam Reilly, on his first tour of duty as a helicopter pilot in the Sandpit, was tasked for a secret mission. The outcome of which, had the potential to provide answers to questions far more dangerous than anything he would ever face in the Afghan battlefield. This short, but intricate story, provides some understanding of the event which made Sam Reilly the complex man that we know him to be. Subscribe to receive the free short story, and discover, who Sam Reilly really is, and what he’s willing to risk his life to discover.

The Price of Retribution

After the world’s most expensive diamond heist goes wrong, Jack Overton finds himself running from the man who had once been his master – England’s most powerful magistrate of the eighteenth century, Sir Robert Williams. With deep ties to one of the most violent Secret Societies in Europe, the honourable Sir Robert Williams will stop at nothing to catch him. There are few places in the western world that would harbor such a fugitive, and he finds himself headed for the one place that no one would bother to look: Great Britain’s newest penal colony – New South Wales. But surviving in the new harsh land is going to be hard for a thief whose only real skill is looking out for his own greedy desires. Particularly when he meets recently widowed convict Anna Harper, and finds that their lives and destinies are unwittingly entwined.