Welcome to my virtual tour of each of my books.

What is a virtual tour?

Basically, it’s a visual collection of photos of various people, locations, and tools used in real life in my books. Most of my stories come from the sometimes disturbing, yet vivid part of my imagination – but that doesn’t mean Sam Reilly and the rest of his gang of ocean going superstars don’t find themselves traveling through real places, meeting real people, and using real cars, boats, submarines, or other gadgets.

Ever wondered what the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya in Code to Extinction looked like? What about the way the sun strikes the Himalayan mountains of the Five Treasures of Snow to reveal a secret location in Atlantis Stolen? Or the size of the ancient stone doors of Derinkuyu in The Third Temple?

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t read a specific book – DON’T VIEW ITS VIRTUAL TOUR – otherwise it will reveal key plot points. These photos and stories are intended to entertain your curiosity about the vague gap between history and fiction interwoven into my books, and not to replace my books.

If you come across a book you haven’t read, you can find it at Christopher Cartwright Books

On a different note, I got this idea of a virtual tour from Chris Kuzneski, who was the first author I noticed to do so. Not only does he have a great name, but he writes action and adventure stories that will keep you up all night!

Without further adieu, please follow the links to each book’s virtual tour.

The Last Airship

The Mahogany Ship

Atlantis Stolen

Rogue Wave

The Cassidy Project

The Nostradamus Equation

The Third Temple

The Aleutian Portal

Code to Extinction

The Ironclad Covenant

The Heisenberg Legacy

Omega Deep

The Holy Grail

The Phoenix Sanction

Habitat Zero